Internal Evaluation Grading Reports

Internal Evaluation by Departments

1) The Evaluation Reports assigned by the Departments to Evaluating Agencies would also be subjected to a similar review. After the Evaluation Report is submitted by the Evaluating Agency to the department, the respective Departmental Evaluation Committee (DEC) would subject the report to the preliminary evaluation as suggested in Annexure 1. At this stage, if the preliminary scrutiny suggests any modifications or corrections, the report would be sent to the Evaluating Agency for carrying out the suggested modifications in the Evaluation report, and then it will resubmitted to the Department after due compliance.

2)  After the preliminary scrutiny if no modifications are suggested, the DEC would send report to the Independent Assessor selected by KEA. The Independent Assessor on review could suggest acceptance of the report with or without modifications, to the DEC. If the review suggests that the report is to be modified, the same would be sent to the Evaluating Agency by DEC for incorporating the suggestions or changes. Subsequent to incorporating the suggestions or changes, the Report would be sent by DEC to the same Reviewer for further scrutiny. The Independent Assessor shall follow the same procedure for the review of the Report as given in Annexure 2 and assign marks to the chapters in the Report along with detailed comments on each sections as detailed in stage 4 of external evaluation report, and the report graded as per the detail given in stage 5 therein. After the Independent Assessor suggests acceptance of the Evaluation Report, the same would be sent to DEC for further follow-up action.

3)  The procedure to be followed by the DEC in the entire exercise is given as Flow Chart in Annexure 5.

4)   The time line suggested earlier for various stages of evaluating the report would be same for those Evaluation commissioned by the DEC.

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